„Informatik, das ist
meine Welt“

SEA: Science & Education @ the AWI

AWI doors are wide open for pupils and students of all age groups. Our center for natural sciences welcomes everybody. At present we are offering special activities for students of grade 11-13 and we are striving for an extended offer for younger pupils (kindergarten through grade 10). By suggesting new topics or experiments you can support and direct us in our aim of extending our current offer.

The school project HIGHSEA (HIGHschool of Science & Education @ the AWI) can be chosen by students of Bremerhaven high schools. By taking up their HIGHSEA studies, these students leave theirs schools for two days each week during their last three years of school. The complete set of lessons for the subjects of biology (as a major), chemistry, mathematics and English (as accessory subjects) is then taught at the AWI. We teach these subjects fully integrated and inquiry based and prepare the students for their final school-exams - the German "Abitur".

Link: http://www.awi.de/
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