„Deutschland muss das Land der Technik bleiben“

We change the way europe learns


ELIG appoints the first ELIG fellows with backgrounds from organizations like the United Nations University, the Club of Rome and Ashoka.

ELIG extends its strategy towards working with an even wider community of learning innovators (including start-ups, research centers, innovative education institutions, NGOs, the European Committee of the Regions, OECD and UNESCO).

ELIG creates concrete initiatives targeted at Europe's pressing educational and learning challenges. A new logo and communication design is launched.


Over 10 years of partnering for learning innovation in Europe

"If Europe is to be a dominant economic and social force on the global stage it must act as a cohesive unit wherever possible. eLearning is an opportunity for Europe to utilise the power of technology for real social and educational change, bringing benefits to academia and to business. We aim to put in place realistic goals and have called upon the expertise of the world's best eLearning companies to ensure these are set. It is mainly through successful Public Private Partnerships such as this that the true vision and power of eLearning will be realised in Europe."

Mrs Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission at the Launch Event of ELIG, 2002

Link: http://www.elig.org/
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